Laser Hair Removal

Using a Class 4 Medical Grade Laser unit and fully qualified experienced clinicians, our laser hair removal is safe and extremely effective. The TGA and FDA approved reputable Candela Laser is a highly effective unit for long term hair removal. It emits the most precise wavelength of energy and light and targets the follicle for the best and quickest results.  Our laser treatments are companied by advanced cooling systems that dramatically improves comfort and protects your skin.

The laser is attracted to the dark pigment in hair called melanin. The laser uses this melanin as a ‘conductor’ to travel down to the base of the hair follicle where it disperses as thermal energy. This damages the base of the hair follicle rendering it unable to produce hair as quickly. This rate of growth will decrease more as you have further treatments.

As well as the laser needing melanin in the hair to travel to the base of the hair follicle, the hair must also be in its “active growing phase’.  We are working with the growth cycle of the hair and need to treat the hair in its active phase for the treatment to be effective. This phase is known as the ‘anagen’ phase where the hair is connected to the base of the hair follicle. This allows the laser to travel down to the base of the hair follicle and cause the necessary effect.

There are three stages in the hair growth cycle, anagen, catagen and telogen. If the hair is in catogen or telogen phase it will not be connected to the base of the hair follicle and the laser will be dispersed. Not every hair is in the same phase at any one time on the body which is why you will need multiple treatments.

With many years of experience and training all our clinicians are fully qualified with laser safety certification.  We ensure your initial consultation is thorough so that you have a good understanding about laser, how it works and what you can expect.  This assessment helps to reduce any risk and provides us with information to work towards our course of action.  Our medical grade laser machine is recognized worldwide, is TGA and FDA approved and is companied by an advanced cooling system that dramatically improves comfort and protects your skin.

In order for the treatment to be effective hair must have dark pigment or melanin.  Unfortunetly laser hair removal does not yet work on blonde, white or grey hair.
We offer a comprehensive consultation to ensure you are suitable for the treatment, and provide you with a treatment plan to suit you for optimal results.

Treatments must be regular to get the maximum benefit. Facial hair is treated every 4 weeks and body hair is treated every 6 weeks. The amount of treatments can be influenced by age, hair colour and hormones. We recommend a ‘minimum’ of six treatments.  Studies have shown an average hair loss of approximately 80% after 6 treatments.

Laser treatment is described and feels similar to “the flick of a rubber band” and slightly uncomfortable.

You may have some redness and mild swelling in the skin and this is completely normal and generally settles within 24 hours. If required the application of Aloe Vera or cold compress is recommended.  Protecting your skin from the sun is essential post treatment.

1. Avoid any kind of sun exposure, use of self-tanners (including spray tans) or use of solariums.
2. No waxing, tweezing or threading for a minimum of 4 weeks before a laser treatment as this removes the hair from the base of the follicle. If the hair is removed from the follicle, now the laser is unable to travel to the base of the follicle and unable to successfully target and destroy the growth area at the base of the hair follicle. The use of shaving or depilatory creams on the treatment area is not a problem as they do not remove the hair from the follicle. It is recommended only to remove surface hair by shaving, depilatory creams, or clippering the treated areas during the course of treatment.
3 Shave the area to be treated 24 hours prior to your treatment.
4. No vigorous exercise or any activity prior to your treatment that will make you hot and sweaty, i.e., going to the gym, spas or saunas.

We pride ourselves on spending quality time with our clients to ensure all treatments are thorough every time. Nothing but the best of equipment and clinicians to ensure we give you the best experience.
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